Gunters! Lend me your earbuds!

Hola, compadres! As spring staves off the last remnants of frost, warming the ground underfoot, we sally forth toward our copper, jade and crystal horizon — 37 glorious chapters ahead. We promise to stop if you have to pee. With chapter two logged in the annals of gunter history, we look to that horizon with hope. The kind that rises from lessons learned and skills sharpened by the grindstone of experience. Stilted language aside, we’re super psyched for what’s ahead. First, an announcement. Going forward, Chris will be joining John and I as a host on the show. We had...

Chapter 2 Part 2 – Ready Player One

It’s part deux! We finish Chapter 2 with special guest Chris! Enjoy! We really appreciate you taking the time to listen to our show. If you’re enjoying the show, please leave a review on your preferred platform. We value your feedback and reviews help us reach a larger audience!

Chapter 1 – Ready Player One

Welcome back to Get to the Good Part! In this week’s episode we push past the prologue and into the heart of the story. We meet our protagonist Wade Watts, talk stacks and explore the existential crisis facing mankind. Who’s ready for some fun?!

Episode 0 – Prologue

It’s our very first episode! We kick off the podcast with a look at Chapter 0 of Ready Player One, the bestselling novel by Earnest Cline. We’ll be discussing it chapter by chapter over the next 40 weeks. In this episode we acquaint ourselves with the rules of the hunt, discuss Val Kilmer’s best movie and why John is wrong about national treasure Winona Rider. Thanks for listening.