Gunters! Lend me your earbuds!

Hola, compadres!

As spring staves off the last remnants of frost, warming the ground underfoot, we sally forth toward our copper, jade and crystal horizon — 37 glorious chapters ahead. We promise to stop if you have to pee.

With chapter two logged in the annals of gunter history, we look to that horizon with hope. The kind that rises from lessons learned and skills sharpened by the grindstone of experience. Stilted language aside, we’re super psyched for what’s ahead.

First, an announcement. Going forward, Chris will be joining John and I as a host on the show. We had a lot of fun recording episode two and we look forward to the insight and humor he’ll bring as we move through the rest of the book. Popular demand played a big role in this decision and we appreciate all of your feedback.

Speaking of feedback, as many of you know we started this podcast with the desire to build a world-wide forum for discussion on this book that we love — or in John’s case learning to love. With that in mind, we’d also like to announce an new segment called “Canon Fodder.”

For those of you who joined us for chapter two, this is a clear jab at Chris. It’s also a segment that is dedicated to our listeners. Every week, the Canon Fodder segment will be used to address questions, theories, lore, speculation and whatever else is on the mind of you, our listeners. Feel free to submit those questions in whatever way is most convenient.


Twitter: @gttgppod



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Reddit: r/readyplayerone, mention u/gttgppodcast in the post

However you choose to connect, we’ll find it and discuss it on the air. If it doesn’t pertain to the current chapter, we’ll make John leave the room.

Thanks to everyone who’s listening to the show every week. It’s been a humbling and truly rewarding experience getting to know all of you. Thanks, and keep gunting!




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