Community Hosts Episode – Empire Magazine Roundtable

This week we invite our close friends from the RPO community on the show to discuss the upcoming Empire Magazine article covering the Ready Player One movie. Special thanks to goffmachine, oneamongthefence, Adam and Paul for joining us on this episode. Special announcement at the backend. Stick around to learn how you can be a part of our next project! Thanks for listening! Geekritique’s Trailer Breakdown: Ben Mendehlson “Just Can’t Wait to be King” Oneamongthefence’s RPO audiobook SFX adaptation   Empire Magazine article posted by our friend GunterRae <3

Chapter 12 – Ready Player One

The morning after! Parzival jumps from being a complete unknown to a near god-like figure in the OASIS, sought after by everyone. But more importantly, we are introduced to two characters in depth, uncovering possibly the true source of Wade’s skills. It’s a great chapter that is about as important as any we have read so far!