Chapter 14 – Ready Player One

We are back with Chapter 14, tackling what is arguably one of the best chapters in the book. Should Wade have met with Sorrento? Should he have taken the deal? And what do the Illinois Nazis have to do with it? Another crazy episode, so strap in and let’s Get To The Good Part!

Also, Big shout-out to our guest Willie Simpson, musician and nostalgic podcaster for ‘The X-Men TAS Podcast’

You can checkout his music here

And his podcast here.

2 Replies to “Chapter 14 – Ready Player One

  1. Really enjoy the podcast but…you f*!kers gave away a spoiler in the chapter 14 episode! I hadn’t gotten past that chapter! One of you said, “we’ll edit this part out but which one of these characters ends up dying later?” And then someone said who died and ya’ll didn’t edit it out! I was driving when I heard it. I immediately pulled over to the side of the road to type this! You guyssss. Why! You’re killing me here. I’ll still listen to your shows though. 🙂

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