Chapter 17 – Ready Player One

Fellow guest and gunter Rae joins us for the horror that is teenage dating in 2045. Will we make it through this chapter without tearing out pages? Do parts of this chapter qualify as harassment in the digital age? Is Art3mis more than a plot device? Find out as we explore chapter 17 in Ernest Cline’s book ‘Ready Player One’! Let’s Get to the Good Part!

Chapter 16 – Ready Player One

On to Chapter 16 in Ernest Cline’s book ‘Ready Player One’ where we dive deep into the hero’s journey! Is this chapter a metaphor for the underworld, is Sorrento the Hydra of the digital realm, and how is the OASIS the futuristic opioid of the masses? Join us for a chapter that was easy to gloss over on the first read but opened up holes to dark places.

Chapter 15 – Ready Player One

Together again! Your GTTGP guys are exploring Chapter 15 in Ready Player One, where the High Five come together after shocking tragedy, new characters are introduced, and Wade is momentarily distracted from the failed assassination attempt on his life to get googly eyed over Art3mis. Kids. let’s Get to the Good Part!