Chapter 27 – Ready Player One

Your intrepid Gunters brave the Temples of Syrinx in search for the Crystal Key. Along the way we ask ourselves what character best voices Ernest Cline? How is Duran Duran like RUSH? How is the Temple hinting at a ghost in the machine? Join us on this 2 hour episode covering one of our favorite chapters AND keep listening past the outro music for 5 minute bonus material of Chris popping his RUSH cherry! Let’s Get To The Good Part!

What more than just a 5 minute clip? Check out the full hour long episode over on Patreon! Your Gunters break down the RUSH opus that is 2112 and pop Chris’s RUSH cherry, unfolding this 20 minute song that is pivotal to the book Ready Player One, one movement at a time. Will Chris learn to love rock through RUSH? Can he last a full 20 minutes on his first time?! The GTTGP Guys are penetrating their ear holes with Ernest Cline’s musical love. Join us for a special GTTGP Patreon Team Bonus episode!

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