Chapter 29 – Ready Player One

We’re back in the paddywagon again, on our way to IOI HQ for an inside look at indentured servitude. But hold on to your butts! This is a particularly wacky episode, chronicling the misadventures Chris and Aaron analyzing Chapter 29! Could the OASIS be an effective weight loss tool? Did you know that KFC has a virtual reality training program? Is there more to ’42G’ than just a bra size? It’s time to juggle decoy chicken, reverse inflation, and of course, balls! Don’t just sit there, let’s Get to the Good Part!

For our Patreon Team’s bonus episode, we reviewed the movies “THX 1138″–check out our Patreon page now! Also on Patreon page (but available to subscribers and subscribers) is the original ‘laugh track’ version of the episode.

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