Grail Diary Chapter 4 – Explorers

Parzival called the movie Explorers, “easily one of the greatest kid flicks ever made.” But that is not how your GTTGP gunters remember it.  Aaron and Chris go back to their childhood where they find the hopes and dreams of creating a spacecraft and meeting extraterrestrials, to rehash their first impressions as adults.  Does it make the grade or will its bubble pop and take a nosedive into the ground.

Along the way we count the ways the kids in this film should have died and mark the point when this movie goes “Full Pee Wee”.  Let’s Get To The Good Part!

This episode was originally published as a Chapter 28 bonus episode on September 9, 2018 to our Patreon campaign. If it’s been a while since you listened to our breakdown of Chapter 28, give it a listen! Listen on Apple Podcasts or Anchor.

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