Chapter 31 Part 1 – Ready Player One

It’s time to remove your ear gear and high-tail it the hell out of IOI HQ! Yes Gunters, we’re in the very exciting Chapter 31! Parzival is busy making his daring escape from IOI, while your Gunter-hosts are off talking about ‘The Martian’ and ‘Star Wars.’ Don’t look so confused, it’s all part of the plan. We know you all have Executive Oologist Supply Requisition Orders to submit, so how about we Get To The Good Part!

Chapter 30 Part 2 – Ready Player One

Everybody relax, we’re here. Sorry to leaving you hanging last time, but now we have had some time to think over the question you’ve all been wondering and we weren’t ashamed to ask! That’s right, we’re talking about horny indentured servants! It’s time to hack our way into the Star Chamber, or as we like to call it, sniffing IOI’s pipeline. So sit tight, hold the fort and keep the home fires burning. And if we’re not back by dawn… you better Get to the Good Part!

Chapter 30 Part 1 – Ready Player One

It’s time to swallow the red pill and talk about the exciting world of cubicle jobs! There’s so much stuff to talk about in Chapter 30 that your cubicle dwelling Gunters had to split this chapter into two parts. Plant yourself into that office chair, grab your spoon and get ready to tunnel through the labyrinth of firewalls that is this chapter. Part Two will be out soon, and won’t cost you any perk points! Punch that time card, grab that cup of coffee and let’s Get to the Good Part!

Chapter 29 – Ready Player One

We’re back in the paddywagon again, on our way to IOI HQ for an inside look at indentured servitude. But hold on to your butts! This is a particularly wacky episode, chronicling the misadventures Chris and Aaron analyzing Chapter 29! Could the OASIS be an effective weight loss tool? Did you know that KFC has a virtual reality training program? Is there more to ’42G’ than just a bra size? It’s time to juggle decoy chicken, reverse inflation, and of course, balls! Don’t just sit there, let’s Get to the Good Part! For our Patreon Team’s bonus episode, we reviewed...

Chapter 28 – Ready Player One

Like sardines pulled from the can, your Gunters are thrown into indenturement with Parzival. Bill collecting from prostitutes? Getting arrested for bouncing a $20? What’s the best movie featuring kids? And what does “going full PeeWee” mean? This chapter answers all of those questions and more! Get ready to be handcuffed and thrown into the back of the IOI paddywagon as your fearless fans Get To The Good Part! For our Patreon Team’s bonus episode, we reviewed the movies “Explorers” (1985, Joe Dante). Parzival called the movie Explorers “Easily one of the greatest kid flicks ever made.” But that is...

Chapter 27 – Ready Player One

Your intrepid Gunters brave the Temples of Syrinx in search for the Crystal Key. Along the way we ask ourselves what character best voices Ernest Cline? How is Duran Duran like RUSH? How is the Temple hinting at a ghost in the machine? Join us on this 2 hour episode covering one of our favorite chapters AND keep listening past the outro music for 5 minute bonus material of Chris popping his RUSH cherry! Let’s Get To The Good Part! What more than just a 5 minute clip? Check out the full hour long episode over on Patreon! Your Gunters...

Chapter 26 – Ready Player One

Parzival rises up from his depressing state of hopelessness to discover the clue that leads him to the 2nd gate and down the Voight-Kampff rabbit hole. But wait a sec… Chris has never seen Bladerunner?! Well that cherry has been popped and we get his fresh take on the details woven into the book. What does a WWII code breaker have to do with Replicants? What’s up with floor 440 in the Tyrell building? Zip up your haptic suit as we Get To The Good Part! …and don’t forget, get access to EXCLUSIVE bonus content! Check out our Patreon page...

Chapter 24 & 25 – Ready Player One

We dove deep into Chapter 24 AND 25 and it threw us into a deep sulking depression, reflecting on our darkest moments with our closest friends. But we are BACK with Season Three and we are presenting our review of the darkest chapters in the book. Time to light a torch, fend off the Grues of our minds, and Get Back to the Good Part!

Ready Player One : Movie Review

After weeks of multiple viewings, we have finally taken to the mic along with returning guest Willie Simpson from the XMen TAS podcast, to dig into this miracle of a movie that, under most any other circumstance, would never have been made. We hash out what we loved, and what drove some RPO fans nuts with frustration so grab your popcorn and lets Get To The Good Part!

Chapter 23 – Ready Player One

We are on the hunt! Touching down on Frobozz for a virtual Zork adventure on the way to the jade key. Under threat of IOI gun ships we explore the realm of phone freaking, cereal munching, and dangerous creatures that lurk in the darkness beyond. Grab a torch and Let’s Get To The Good Part!

Chapter 22 – Ready Player One

This chapter lands us on planet Archaide where Parzival is searching for trophies but ends up finding himself while deep inside an out-of-order game. Along the way your hosts uncover some strange artifacts that made its way into the real world so slap a quarter on your favorite game because it’s time to Get To The Good Part!

Chapter 21 – Ready Player One

Welcome back Gunters! We open up on our trip to our graceland of Columbus Ohio for a book signing with Ernest Cline and we dig into chapter 21 to find a few hidden eggs in an otherwise short chapter. Will Chris finally concede that Art3mis is the better gunter? What three words did Ryan say to Ernie? Hit play and Let’s Get To The Good Part!

Chapter 20 – Ready Player One

Welcome back Gunters as visit Parzival’s fortress of solitude, his moonbase alpha, his Oasis asteroid home of Falco. We deep dive into his paranoia, his obsessions, and his rendezvous with the DaiSho Team to obtain a pivotal rare artifact. Let’s Get To The Good Part!

Chapter 19 – Ready Player One

Welcome back to the most uncomfortable chapter we have reviewed yet as your band of gunters tackle the limits of high-end tech, the slow spiral into loneliness and the challenges of being a teen with raging hormones with a side of the Oasis we have not yet touched. You knew this was Coming, but we took a hold of this chapter, grappled with the sticky topic, and beat it into the ground. Let’s Get To The Good Part!

Chapter 18 – Ready Player One

Chapter 18! dancing, drinking, and heartbreak in the Oasis! But how DO you drink in the oasis? What’s with the acid trippy glowing blobs of dancing avatars? And were the Sixers really Art3mis’ bale-out buddy when the date went south? These questions and more on Get To The Good Part!

Level 1 – Ready Player One

Level Up with your GTTGP hosts as we explore a special edition podcast that covers all of Part 1, the first 17 chapters. You may be thinking that this is a rehash but Nope, we are treating this like a movie review where all the pieces to the 1st of 3 episodes provides new insights into the plot. Gunters, get ready to Get To The Good Part!

Chapter 17 – Ready Player One

Fellow guest and gunter Rae joins us for the horror that is teenage dating in 2045. Will we make it through this chapter without tearing out pages? Do parts of this chapter qualify as harassment in the digital age? Is Art3mis more than a plot device? Find out as we explore chapter 17 in Ernest Cline’s book ‘Ready Player One’! Let’s Get to the Good Part!

Chapter 16 – Ready Player One

On to Chapter 16 in Ernest Cline’s book ‘Ready Player One’ where we dive deep into the hero’s journey! Is this chapter a metaphor for the underworld, is Sorrento the Hydra of the digital realm, and how is the OASIS the futuristic opioid of the masses? Join us for a chapter that was easy to gloss over on the first read but opened up holes to dark places.

Chapter 15 – Ready Player One

Together again! Your GTTGP guys are exploring Chapter 15 in Ready Player One, where the High Five come together after shocking tragedy, new characters are introduced, and Wade is momentarily distracted from the failed assassination attempt on his life to get googly eyed over Art3mis. Kids. let’s Get to the Good Part!

Chapter 14 – Ready Player One

We are back with Chapter 14, tackling what is arguably one of the best chapters in the book. Should Wade have met with Sorrento? Should he have taken the deal? And what do the Illinois Nazis have to do with it? Another crazy episode, so strap in and let’s Get To The Good Part! Also, Big shout-out to our guest Willie Simpson, musician and nostalgic podcaster for ‘The X-Men TAS Podcast’ You can checkout his music here And his podcast here.

Community Hosts Episode – Empire Magazine Roundtable

This week we invite our close friends from the RPO community on the show to discuss the upcoming Empire Magazine article covering the Ready Player One movie. Special thanks to goffmachine, oneamongthefence, Adam and Paul for joining us on this episode. Special announcement at the backend. Stick around to learn how you can be a part of our next project! Thanks for listening! Geekritique’s Trailer Breakdown: Ben Mendehlson “Just Can’t Wait to be King” Oneamongthefence’s RPO audiobook SFX adaptation   Empire Magazine article posted by our friend GunterRae <3

Chapter 12 – Ready Player One

The morning after! Parzival jumps from being a complete unknown to a near god-like figure in the OASIS, sought after by everyone. But more importantly, we are introduced to two characters in depth, uncovering possibly the true source of Wade’s skills. It’s a great chapter that is about as important as any we have read so far!

Chapter 11 – Ready Player One

Welcome to Middletown, OH. Home of the first gate. It’s Ch. 11 and Wargames is…basically what we have to work with here. There’s more, but mostly it’s Wargames. The only winning move is to play to the gate. Strap on your haptics and tune in! Thanks for listening.

Chapter 9 Part 2 – Ready Player One

We’re back with Part 2 of Chapter 9! More Audrey, more Art3mis! Thanks for listenting. Join us 7 pm July 28 for our FIRST EVER LIVE EPISODE! Suttree’s High Gravity Tavern 409 S. Gay Street, Knoxville, TN Also Live Streaming on YouTube, Twitch and Facebook We’ll be raising money for Extra Life Foundation Click here to donate and learn more.

Chapter 9 Part 1 – Ready Player One

This week on Get To The Good Part we meet Ready Player One’s heroine and the object of Wade’s obsession Art3mis. We also welcome Audrey to the show! Thanks for listening! Join us 7 pm July 28 for our FIRST EVER LIVE EPISODE! Suttree’s High Gravity Tavern 409 S. Gay Street, Knoxville, TN Also Live Streaming on YouTube, Twitch and Facebook We’ll be raising money for Extra Life Foundation Click here to donate and learn more

Chapter 8 – Ready Player One

It’s time for Chapter 8! But before we dodge the horrifying stuff to make our way to the Throne Room and face the evil demi-lich Acererak for the Copper Key, we have a special special announcement! We will be doing our first ever live episode at Suttree’s High Gravity Tavern 409 S. Gay Street, Knoxville, TN. Mount your ostrich or stork, grab your lance and your Dungeons and Dragons module, and let’s Get to the Good Part!  

The Weir Cannon & Movie News

How are Anakin Skywalker and Sorrento similar? Is Sorrento the defeated hero to this story? What movie will the trailer headline? This week is a special treat! We are covering the new cannon added to the story, written by Andy Weir, author of “The Martian” and talking about some movie news. Strap in because we are having a few drinks and going head-to-head. Let’s get to the good part!

Chapter 6 Part 1 – Ready Player One

This week our guest and community contest winner ThePeatAhhThePeat (aka Aaron) joins us in our quest to tackle a nerd-gasm of pop culture references, the pains of cliffhangers, and Ranking up with latin. It was so good we split it into two parts so Chapter 6 pt 2 will land next week. Thanks for listening, now, let’s Get to the Good Part!

Chapter 5 – Ready Player One

Time for a history lesson! This week on the podcast we dig into the story of James Halliday, GSS and we meet Og! Chapter 6 will land two weeks from today and feature our community contest winner ThePeatAhhThePeat. Thanks for listening!

Chapter 4 – Ready Player One

We’re back . . . and in greater numbers! Well, it’s still just the three of us, but this time we come armed with a quiver of your OASIS rides! Episode 5 will be out later this week to get us back on track. Until then, thanks for listening and PLEASE don’t forget to rate the show!

Chapter 2 Part 2 – Ready Player One

It’s part deux! We finish Chapter 2 with special guest Chris! Enjoy! We really appreciate you taking the time to listen to our show. If you’re enjoying the show, please leave a review on your preferred platform. We value your feedback and reviews help us reach a larger audience!

Chapter 1 – Ready Player One

Welcome back to Get to the Good Part! In this week’s episode we push past the prologue and into the heart of the story. We meet our protagonist Wade Watts, talk stacks and explore the existential crisis facing mankind. Who’s ready for some fun?!

Episode 0 – Prologue

It’s our very first episode! We kick off the podcast with a look at Chapter 0 of Ready Player One, the bestselling novel by Earnest Cline. We’ll be discussing it chapter by chapter over the next 40 weeks. In this episode we acquaint ourselves with the rules of the hunt, discuss Val Kilmer’s best movie and why John is wrong about national treasure Winona Rider. Thanks for listening.